The Cain Team

Over nearly thirty years, the threads of all those who have worked at Cain have been deeply woven into the vinicultural fabric of the Napa Valley. Through the years, many people have contributed to the Cain wines. While some have continued to work at Cain for more than ten years, others have gone on to plant other vineyards, make other wines, and to sell other wines: some are working for other vineyards and wineries, and others have begun their own projects. We can count literally dozens of wines that have been touched by those who also touched the wines of Cain.

James and Nancy Meadlock, Owners
Ashley Anderson-Bennett, Associate Vineyard Manager
Alberto Avila, Vineyard
François Bugué, Associate Winemaker
Enrique Cortes, Vineyard
Juan DeHaro, Vineyard
Leopoldo Espinoza, Vineyard
Herman Froeb, Bottling Supervisor
Geo Gosling, Vineyard Assistant
Beatrice Henke, Horticulturist
Christopher Howell, Wine-Grower/General Manager
Marlene Lampert, Bookkeeper
Katie Lazar, Director of Sales and Marketing
Stephanie Litty, Enologist
Justo Lopez, Cellar Lead
Michèle Martindale, Regional Sales Manager
Eberardo Menchaca, Vineyard
Gillian Murphy, Fine Wine Hospitality Coordinator
Susan Naderi-Johnston, Regional Sales Manager
Alberto Ramos-Amezcua, Vineyard
J.G. “Lupe” Ramos, Vineyard
Luis Solano, Gardener
Socorro Soriano, Housekeeper/Gardener’s Assistant
Matt Strayer, Fine Wine Hospitality Manager
Lynda Swift, Regional Sales Manager
Hector Torres, Vineyard
Jose Antonio Torres Ayala, Vineyard

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