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2012 Taste of Cain – In Wood Case

There’s no better way to get a clear sense of what we’re doing than by tasting all three of our wines, 2012 Cain Five, NV12 Cain Cuvée, and 2012 Cain Concept—The Benchland. Each is a Cabernet blend, each has its unique attributes, and all three clearly demonstrate our commitment to aromatic complexity, balance, and texture on the palate, and a long finish. In themselves these words could signify anything. When you taste the wines, you’ll see what we mean. These bottles will arrive in a 3 bottle wood case and are perfect for introducing friends to Cain.

3 – 750 ml | $236.00

Limit: 3 bottles per customer

2012 Cain Five

2012 was the first, and possibly the best, in a series of three excellent vintages that rival the best of the last three decades. The wine drinks beautifully in its youth: round, plump, juicy, savory, and yes, even fruity. This is a very complex wine that will reward a long meal as it develops in the glass. 

750 ml | $125.00


2012 Cain Concept—The Benchland

The 2012 Cain Concept leads with fragrant aromas of fruit, flowers, tobacco and spice, all layered over a zesty, juicy structure that promises many years to come.

750 ml | $75.00


NV12 Cain Cuvée

Dried cherries and raspberries—not cooked, not “jammy”—meld with hints of wild herbs from fields and forest, reminiscent of thyme, tarragon, rosemary, and pine tree, floating above a delicate background of warm, spicy oak. It is round and smooth, with just enough grip to cleanse the palate. This is a wine that will make you happy.

750 ml | $36.00