NV10 Cain Cuvée


If you have enjoyed our prior “vintages” of Cain Cuvée, you will love the NV10. Those of you who have followed our Cain Cuvée know that it is not your typical Napa red wine; no big, inky, oaky blockbuster here. Our Cuvée is intended to sit lightly, refreshingly (dare I write, lovingly?) on your palate. There is all the fruit that you could want, but the Cain Cuvée is not fruit juice. It is, most assuredly, fine wine for serious wine-lovers who value complexity, balance and finish. The Cain Cuvée is for those who know that wine doesn’t have to be big to be good.

The Cain Cuvée project began over twenty years ago and it is still a work in progress. That is the beauty of wine: each vintage is new, and each vintage is different. Each year, we work with the same vineyards—the exact same rows of vines—to create our Cain Cuvée.  Even so, each year these same vines are a year older and the grower may also have learned a thing or two. We have been working with most of our key growers of the Cain Cuvée for ten years or more: York Creek (1994), Nord (1995), Gallegos (2002), Stanton (2006). So even if the vintages were precisely identical, and we did everything the same way in our cellar, the wines would still be different.

Of course we continue to evolve; we are always making adjustments in an effort to get closer to our goal. Even the goal evolves (don’t we all?).
Harvest and Varietal Information

Vintage Blend:

51% 2010, 49% 2009
Merlot 48%   Cabernet Sauvignon 32%

Cabernet Franc 14%   Petit Verdot 6%


Napa Valley

Vineyard Locations:

Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville, Spring Mountain, and Atlas Peak

Release date:

April 1, 2014


750 ml | $34.00


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