The Wines

CAIN Cuvée

The Cain Cuvée is our most creative endeavor. It’s about the style of Cain and our vision of what classical red wine can be. Drawing from specific vineyards, both mountain and valley, as well as two harvests, we strive to compose a wine of aromatic complexity that is truly silky and sits lightly and refreshingly on the palate. If we have succeeded, the wine will dance on your tongue! Current Vintage :: Wine Fact Sheet pdf

NV17 Cain Cuvee 750 ml :: $36.00 Purchase

Cain Five

If the Cain Five is utterly unique, distinctive in both aroma and taste, this can only reflect the Cain Vineyard, which gives birth to this wine and is both spectacular and idiosyncratic. Composed of the five classic varieties—Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot—Cain Five epitomizes the benefits of blending to achieve a complex wine. It is supple and rich of texture, combining a full, firm structure with a long and subtle finish. Current Vintage :: Wine Fact Sheet pdf

2017 Cain Five 750 ml :: $125.00 Purchase

Cain Concept—The Benchland

Cain Concept—The Benchland is vinified and aged exactly like the Cain Five, but the core of this wine is Cabernet Sauvignon grown on the classical “benchlands” that have defined the greatness of the Napa Valley for more than 100 years. Naturally, in the “Cain Way,” we blend in the sister varieties to build complexity, to add nuance, to articulate the structure, and to draw the wine to a satisfying finish. Current Vintage :: Wine Fact Sheet pdf

2014 Cain Concept—The Benchland 750 ml :: $95.00 Purchase