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Welcome to Chris’ Tasting Group!

Tasting Cain wines with wine grower Chris Howell
Wine Grower Chris Howell opens a bottle for a tasting

Thank you for joining our tasting group! Below are references you might find useful.

Tasting Mat PDF

Introduction to Wine Tasting PDF

How to Host a Wine Tasting PDF

Tasting Topics and Components PDF

Wine Tasting is not about liking the wine—it’s about exploring the wine and our perceptions of it...

Cain Tasting Mat
The Cain Tasting Mat - click for PDF

...And this is best done in the company of people with whom we have shared experiences, shared memories, and shared vocabulary.

Using an Ah-So Cork Puller

The Ah-So is our favorite tool to open older bottles of wine. In this video our Wine-Grower Chris Howell will show you how to use it.

Chris' Tasting Group shipment 1:

First edition

Video from Point Reyes Cheese: How to Open and Enjoy Quinta

From Point Reyes Cheese’s Post, Quinta: A Love Story

Quinta is delicious at every stage, every age, and every event. Whether you choose to open your wheel when it makes it to your doorstep, or hang onto it in the fridge for a couple weeks – it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Watch our Executive Chef and Culinary Director, Jennifer Luttrell, open a wheel in the video above. Pro tip: make sure you allow your wheel to come to room temperature before it’s served. This will ensure that you and your guests will enjoy Quinta at its best quality so you can really taste all it has to offer. You will find the “produced on” date on the back of your Quinta package. For wheels aged 40-50 days, the consistency will be thicker in texture with a buttermilk tang. For wheels 50-100 days, the consistency will be ribbon-y and smooth with a mustard, mushroomy, and herbaceous finish.

Read the whole blog post on the Point Reyes Cheese website here.

CTG 2024 1st Tasting: Wine and Cheese

Video of the First Tasting from Chris’ Tasting Group 2024:

Tasting Cain 2012 Chardonnay, 2022 OTO Grenache, and NV18 Cain Cuvée and Point Reyes Farmstead cheeses with Chris, Katie, and the Cain team, as well as Leigh Gardner-Gmeiner from Point Reyes Cheese.