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      For lovers of our project, Cain Concept—The Benchland, available as a library wine, this historic map shows its sources of grapes from the Benchlands of Napa Valley in relation to our home vineyards at Cain, the source of our Cain Five and Cain Cuvée.
      “For me, wine begins with fruit, but that’s not where it stops, any more than a cheese stops with the milk.” —Christopher Howell
      “To me, ‘old school’ means wine that was generously but not extravagantly ripe. It began in the vineyard and almost ended in the vineyard—the cellar was an afterthought.” —Christopher Howell
      Follow the raindrops from the top of Spring Mountain down York Creek into St. Helena. Cain received more than a foot of rain over the span of two weeks in March, so the creek has swollen to the edges of its banks.
      An image gallery of portraits of the Cain vineyard crew; photography, Charles O’Rear; 2012
      “When it comes to the provenance of fine wine, the single most important thing to understand is that fine wine is, by definition, perishable.” —Christopher Howell

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