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“To me, ‘old school’ means wine that was generously but not extravagantly ripe. It began in the vineyard and almost ended in the vineyard—the cellar was an afterthought.” —Christopher Howell
“Most people ask us about rebuilding the winery, and we consistently reply, ‘It’s about the vineyard first.’” —Christopher Howell
“I think the Cabernet has a green character—I hesitate to call it vegetal—in the mountains. It won’t go away even at absurd levels of sugar.” —Christopher Howell
“We won't have much 2021 Cain Five. Maybe only a few bottles. But it will be symbolic. It's a symbolic vintage.” —Christopher Howell
“If the vineyard has no particular personality, why bother? It’s a tough place to farm. There has to be a reason.” —Christopher Howell
“It’s like having picture books of your childhood: The wine represents a historical record. All of these vintages are still with us, not lost.” —Christopher Howell
“Taste is not only individual, it is also cultural. ...Our wine culture is in constant evolution.” —Christopher Howell
“Why would you have 100,000 wines, or even 100 wines – if they don’t easily give us some unique expression and reflection of the place and time where they grew, and the hands that grew and made them? Wine is a conversation!” —Christopher Howell
“Without immigrants, there would be no wine in the Americas, North or South.” —Christopher Howell

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