Wine Grower Chris Howell and Chef Matt Bennett discuss wine and food pairing and the recipes that Matt created to pair with Cain Cuveé
The Ah-So is our favorite tool to open older bottles of wine. In this video our Wine-Grower Chris Howell will show you how to use it.
Follow the raindrops from the top of Spring Mountain down York Creek into St. Helena. Cain received more than a foot of rain over the span of two weeks in March, so the creek has swollen to the edges of its banks.
Picking Cabernet Sauvignon above La Piedra, in the block known as “Pink” or “Rosa,” the Cain crew is finishing their last load of the day.
One day after the rain, Pacific fog overwhelms the ridge and flows down through Cain Vineyard into the Napa Valley. The birds are singing, everyone is alive.
Cane pruning in February in the Cain Vineyard on Spring Mountain, with Vineyard Manager Ashley Bennett and crew member Alberto Ramos.

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