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      The “Cain Moment” will be found somewhere in the range of maximum aromatic potential, floral-spicy, fresh fruit-mature fruit, peak of color, and in the early range of maximum of tannin-pigment complexity.
      The Ah-So is our favorite tool to open older bottles of wine. In this video our Wine-Grower Chris Howell will show you how to use it.
      An image gallery of images by Olaf Beckmann
      “The beauty of wine is that the most interesting wines do reflect the place where the grape vines grow. They absolutely do.”—Christopher Howell
      Every year during harvest we take a photo of our crew at La Piedra, the rock that crowns our vineyards on Spring Mountain.
      “Most people ask us about rebuilding the winery, and we consistently reply, ‘It’s about the vineyard first.’” —Christopher Howell
      “I think the Cabernet has a green character—I hesitate to call it vegetal—in the mountains. It won’t go away even at absurd levels of sugar.” —Christopher Howell
      “We won't have much 2021 Cain Five. Maybe only a few bottles. But it will be symbolic. It's a symbolic vintage.” —Christopher Howell
      “If the vineyard has no particular personality, why bother? It’s a tough place to farm. There has to be a reason.” —Christopher Howell

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