Chris Howell, “Let’s Get Real” Heritage Radio Network, November 2012

Cain Audio: Christopher Howell, “Let’s Get Real: Episode 48,” Heritage Radio Network
Wine Grower Chris Howell, right, checking on the progress of a wine

“The real funny thing about wine is that even if you are the size of Coca Cola everybody wants to trade on the idea of Mom & Pops in the vineyards crushing grapes.”
—Chris Howell

Chris Howell on “Let’s Get Real,” Heritage Radio Network, Episode 48, aired November, 2012

How does “foodiness” relate to wine? Friend of the show and sponsor of the network, Christopher Howell of Cain Vineyard & Winery in Napa Valley joins Erica Wides for this episode of “Let’s Get Real.” Learn what goes into making “real” wine—from fermentation to “organic” or “biodynamic” grapes and everything in between. Chris and Erica discuss scale of production, ingredient labeling, regulation, and authenticity as they relate to wine—and dispel many common myths. Get real about what’s in your glass on this week’s episode of Let’s Get Real! This program was sponsored by

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