“A Tour of Cain Vineyards” Heritage Radio Network, April 2015

The Cain Vineyard at the crest of Spring Mountain, photograph by Faith Echtermeyer
Cain Vineyards, perched atop Spring Mountain, filled with fog. Photo by Fatih Echtermeyer.

“The beauty of wine is that the most interesting wines do reflect the place where the grape vines grow. They absolutely do.”
—Chris Howell

Chris Howell on “Special Features: A Tour of Cain Vineyards,” Heritage Radio Network, Episode 109, aired April 2015

Cradled in a spectacular bowl overlooking the Napa Valley from the crest of the Spring Mountain District, Cain Vineyard & Winery is dedicated to the creation of three Cabernet blends, each drawn from its own unique vineyard sources, each with its own distinctive signature. Host of The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks shares her experience visiting the vineyard and shares winemaker Chris Howell’s knowledge as he talks us through the rich process of going from grape to glass.

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